10 Ways to Include Calligraphy In Your Wedding

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A stunning and potential DIY addition to your wedding comes in the form of calligraphy. A 2017 wedding trend, and just trend in general, you can’t help but fall in love with the elegance and timelessness of its delicate detail. Many of our brides decide to take a course through Calligraphy.org or Skillshare, or the budget to hire a calligrapher. Either way, you decide, here is some inspiration on how to integrate these loopy letters into your special day!

calligraphy - Monika Greenaway

Photo Credit: Monika Greenaway Photography

1. Invitations

Calligraphy on invitation packages and envelopes are absolutely timeless and gorgeous. While it is a 2017 wedding trend and basically almost a normal, every calligraphy style is unique and will make your invitation suite one of a kind.

Calligraphy Invitation

Photo Credit: Shine Wedding Invitations

2. Menus

Are you decking your place settings with menus or having a buffet with a menu at the beginning? Either way, this is the perfect opportunity to loop calligraphy into your wedding. It adds a perfect decoration that is understated and classic.

calligraphy menu - rebecca hollis

Photo Credit: Rebecca Hollis

3. Placecards

Having a calligrapher (or yourself) handwrite each guests name in calligraphy adds a touch of romance, personalization, and love that many weddings don’t incorporate. Make your guests feel extra special with this easy addition!

calligraphy placecards - jose villa photography

Photo Credit: Jose Villa Photography

4. Signs

Whether it be to sign your guestbook, what your wedding hashtag is, that you’re having an unplugged ceremony, or that you’re having an open bar and everything will be documented so proceed at your own risk, signs are the easiest way to get your message across to your guests. Make them stand out but not overpowering by having calligraphy as the main design.

calligraphy - elizabeth fogarty

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fogarty

5. Cards

Opting for a pre-wedding card for your love? Have it be an extra picture worthy moment by having calligraphy adorned on the cover. It will be a keepsake you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

calligraphy - simply sarah photography

Photo Credit: Simply Sarah Photography

6. Calligraphy for Your Vows

Instead of using your cell phone to read off your vows, consider using a delicate piece of paper that is riddled with calligraphy and your affirmations of love. Instead of throwing them away after the wedding, reuse them and get them framed so you can hang them in your home!

calligraphy - jeremy chou photography

Photo Credit: Jeremy Chou Photography

7. Cake Toppers

Many of our couples are moving away from the traditional bride and groom at the top of their cakes. They’re getting more creative and using phrases or names to get displayed. They’ve chosen phrases like “Our adventure begins here” or “Mr. & Mrs.” or even “Mr. & Mrs. [Last Name].” If this is the route that you want to take, calligraphy adds a decorative element that will top off your cake perfectly. It’s soft, romantic, and can fit into your wedding theme perfectly no matter what it is.

calligraphy - Ether & Smith

Photo Credit: Ether & Smith

8. Table Numbers

Adding calligraphy to table numbers can happen in a number of ways. You can have them painted on wood, written on paper, or even laser cut so it’s just the calligraphy number. Whichever route you choose, they easily spruce up the table and your centerpieces.

calligraphy - brandon kidd photography

Photo Credit: Brandon Kidd Photography

9. Favors

Favors are hard to choose. You want something that your guests will remember, but not something that breaks the bank. A great way to give them something special and unique is to add calligraphy to their gift. You can either write a cute phrase like “let our love grow” on a pack of seeds or you can take it one step further and write their individual name on a special card which you attach to the favors. No matter what, your gifts will stand out and make a statement to your guests.

calligraphy favors - betsi ewing studio

Photo Credit: Betsi Ewing Studio

10. Table Runner with Calligraphy

This is a unique decoration that we’ve only seen a handful of times. Instead of having the traditional linen runner, replace it with a runner that is filled with either your vows, your first dance song, or some Bible verses that mean a lot to you. It will keep your guests entertained and make your wedding absolutely one of a kind!

calligraphy - arinab photography

Photo Credit: Arina B. Photography

Between decorations and invitations, peppering your wedding with delicate calligraphy will ensure a timeless and romantic setting that will be the perfect display of your love. With so many ideas out there, did you use calligraphy in a different way? If you decided to use one of our ideas, share it with us and your wedding may be featured on our blog!

10 Ways to Include Calligraphy In Your Wedding
Article Name
10 Ways to Include Calligraphy In Your Wedding
Add timeless and romantic touches to your wedding with these 10 calligraphy decoration ideas.

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3 Responses

  1. We introduced the Calligraphy decor element as a DIY venture for my sister’s wedding. It was great fun trying to write things in curly swirly texts. The post above also offered additional inputs for our innovative task. Our guests appreciated our work. Really an informative post that made us plan some innovative decorations.

  2. Kahwin says:

    I’m thrilled to see that calligraphy is a trend for weddings this year, seeing as cursive writing is slowly making its exit from schools. And if you don’t know how to write in calligraphy, or don’t have time to learn how, chances are there is probably someone that you know that is able to do it. I’m a big fan of signs at weddings, especially the reception, so I definitely like that idea. But I think my favorite would have to be the table runner! It’s definitely on my wedding wish list now.

  3. Devaraj says:

    Point to Point wedding plan. Great work it helps a lot.

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