My Wedding Day by Amber Normand

The planning is over and so is the honeymoon and a new chapter has officially begun. Planning a wedding is the most stressful thing that I have ever done. I never imagined that so many details would go into planning such a perfect day. I guess that I’d dreamed everything would be a bed of roses, along the way. Our wedding day was September 20, 2014. This day was the best day of my life. The days leading up to our wedding were so exciting. I hardly got any sleep because I was so full of excitement, joy and happiness.  I was a mixture of all sorts of emotion.

Throughout the whole process of planning our wedding, I realized a lot about myself and a lot about friendships. You realize who is there for you and who isn’t. I must say that I suffered some disappointment, but I realized that nothing would stop my day and life must go on…and it did. As mentioned in a previous post, my best friend of thirteen years backed out of our wedding and my florist quit, but luckily someone took over the florist shop. Six days before our wedding, our DJ backed out on us. We ended up getting a really great DJ, though. At the very end of the planning process, I learned that sometimes you have to just let the little things go.

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Our day was exactly what I’d dreamed of.  When I put my dress on, I knew that no matter what happened throughout the whole planning process, this was my wedding day and it would not be stopped. I had no doubt in my mind that it was right.  I could not believe that day I was marrying my best friend, my soul mate and the one person who I could always count on. The man who knew all of my hopes and dreams. I knew that this God called us together in marriage.

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I truly felt like a princess that day. Our family and friends gathered in the quaint Church, patiently waiting for my walk down the aisle and for our “I do’s.” I’ll admit that I was so nervous waiting to walk down the aisle. Having my dad walk me was a true blessing. He is very sickly and I know that this day made him so happy. I could not stop looking at my fiancé (now husband) and smiling. Every stress, fear, and worry disappeared and it felt like it was just us in the Church. I could not believe that I was about to say “I do” to the man of my dreams. The service carried on and we said “I do.”

After the service, we thanked everyone coming out of the Church, took some time for pictures, then headed in the reception. After twelve hours of decorating the day before our wedding, our reception hall looked beautiful. Everyone ate, drank and danced the afternoon/evening away. Our cake was fabulous, so was the DJ and the food and drinks were great.

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The following Monday, we headed out to our honeymoon destination in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We’d both never been there and had such a great time. It was a beautiful place with such nice, welcoming people. We fished, drove in the mountains, went sight seeing to see some of the wildlife and shopped a little. It was such a great experience that we both did not want to end.

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Now it’s back to reality and we have begun our lives as husband and wife. We have such great memories of our wedding and honeymoon that we will forever cherish, as well as many more memories to come!

My Wedding Day by Amber Normand
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My Wedding Day by Amber Normand
Amber Normand reflects on the wedding planning process and how magical her wedding day was in this week's BrideBox Blogging Brides.

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