Do’s and Don’ts for Taking Amazing Wedding Photographs

Besides making sure the day of your wedding runs smoothly and exactly how you’ve dreamt of it, taking great wedding photographs is the most important part of your big day. Years down the road when your wedding day is far in the past, the images taken from that day will be your main source for reliving those wonderful memories. Your wedding photographs will be treasured for decades to come in your family heirloom wedding album. For these reasons, it is very important that you take stunning photographs on your big day. To help you get picture-perfect photos you and your partner will cherish forever, here are the 10 do’s and don’ts of wedding photography tips.

DON’T skimp on quality

When it comes to picking a wedding photographer, don’t pinch pennies or compromise. A wedding photographer is one of the most important parts of your wedding budget, and what you pay for is what you get. If there’s one thing you should spend big money on, it’s a wedding photographer. Make sure you find a top photographer who is highly skilled and will take pictures that are as beautiful as you look on your wedding day.

DO research and ask questions

Take a look through online wedding picture portfolios to get a sense of different photography styles, qualities, and perspectives. Make a note of what you like and dislike, and which type of photos you want on your shot list for the big day. Communicate with your photographer to make sure you are on the same page and can work out a solid schedule for the shoot.


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DON’T cram your schedule

On your wedding day, everything will be time-sensitive and probably take more time than you think it will (especially when it comes to doing your hair and makeup). Also, slipups will probably happen (hopefully only minor ones) so it is important to plan a strict day-of schedule that leaves wiggle room to deal with anything that comes up last minute. This way, you won’t need to take any precious time out of your photography session which, let’s be real, is one of the most important things on the agenda that needs time and patience.

DO make your wedding unique to you

Many brides today are personalizing their wedding in every detail possible, and this pattern is a wonderful concept. It is important for you to make your wedding truly your own. The small, unique accents you add will be captured in your wedding photographs and make for wonderful shots that will tell your unique love story. A wedding is about expressing the extraordinary bond that the two of you two share, so adding personalised flare will do exactly that.


Photo Credit: Lisa Mallory Photography

DON’T choose a venue that will limit your photographs

Make sure you communicate with your venue and clarify that you will be able to take pictures at all the locations that you would like to. Double check that you have access to certain areas for photo opportunities, will have a place to get ready or retouch makeup, and have all the proper arrangements in terms of scheduling and any props you require.

DO opt for natural lighting

With all things said, lighting is the most important, and powerful, thing for taking pictures. Focus on using natural light for many of your wedding portraits and be aware that it has a strict time limit. Your photographer will bring their own light that will have unlimited use – unlike the sun’s natural light. Therefore, make sure you organize your day-of schedule around the sunset and take into consideration the best time for your photoshoot.


Photo Credit: Browne Photography

DO relax and be natural

Many couples get consumed with posing for their wedding photographs. However, this is not a good idea because it will likely cause you to take pictures in which you look stiff, awkward, or unnatural. Instead, interact with your partner in a way that feels natural for the two of you. Don’t overthink any of your poses or stick to rigid, proper portrait styles – just take pictures that will illustrate the unique bond you two share.

DON’T be obsessed with posing

Like mentioned before, don’t overuse poses. Posed photographs can be cute, but it doesn’t take long for them to start looking stiff and boring. Unposed, natural shots of the bride and groom are often the best shots because they reflect true emotion and genuine interactions of a moment. These special, honest moments are the ones that you will want to remember the most, so don’t waste your time with posing too much.

wedding photography tips

Photo Credit: Ashlee Raubach Photography

DON’T push your photoshoot until the last minute

There are many, many things that you will need to get done on your wedding day. However, don’t procrastinate and start taking photographs once the sun has started to set. Getting a good, early start to your photoshoot is imperative for taking good-quality photographs. With this in mind (and the bonus that your makeup is best in the beginning of the day) take photos at the early in the day when the sun is brightest. The later you get started with your photographs, the higher the risk is that you won’t get high-quality photographs.

DO schedule an engagement shoot

The best thing you can do to prepare for your big day is to set up an engagement photoshoot with your photographer. This shoot will provide a wonderful experience for you and your partner, create beautiful engagement album photos, and allow you to get comfortable in front of the camera. Think of the engagement shoot as a test-drive for a car – would you really want to go into your wedding day without knowing how everything will run? There are many reasons why an engagement photoshoot is a good idea, and all of them are benefits to you and your wedding day.

wedding photography tips

Photo Credit: Pinky Photography

Wedding day photos are among the most precious items we hold near and dear to our heart. Do all the preparation you need to in order to be ready for your wedding day photoshoot and follow these do’s and don’ts for amazing wedding pictures. When you finally have those extraordinary wedding photographs in hand, create a professional wedding album that showcases the pictures in all their sentimental, beautiful wonder.


Do's and Don'ts for Taking Amazing Wedding Photographs
Article Name
Do's and Don'ts for Taking Amazing Wedding Photographs
These wedding photography tips will help you take amazing wedding pictures to commemorate the day that you and your partner began your life together.

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6 Responses

  1. I agree that it’s not good to get caught up in trying to pose for your wedding photographer. It’s kind of obvious how fake everything. Being comfortable with the photographer and location is probably a good way to make sure to relax so that your photos aren’t stiff and awkward.

  2. Excellent tips! One of the key aspects of wedding photography is getting to know the bride/groom before hand and getting along with them to make them feel comfortable. It really helps a lot! Besides, arranging for a pre-wedding shoot also helps both of you understand each other. When it comes wedding photography – which can’t be recreated – this is extremely important. After all, few are comfortable posing before a stranger. 🙂

  3. Brad says:

    Getting to know the couple, if you already don’t, is an extreme asset to getting the best possible photos. I had a couple who wanted as little posed pictures as possible, and for to catch them in the moment for the majority of the pictures. It turned out great. Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. Ryan says:

    Those all are such great tips! i also find it to be important not to go cheap when getting a photographers. I have heard of too many times where the bride and groom ended up regretting their wedding photos because they want to save money and find someone cheap. Its important to prioritizes whats important to you! great post!

  5. Good post. I certainly like this site . Continue the good work!

  6. Thanks for going over some tips for wedding photography. I’m glad that you mentioned that you should make sure that you are relaxed, especially if it can show the kind of unique bond you have. I can definitely see the importance of this, especially since most people will be able to tell when you are comfortable in the photos.