Top 3 Wedding Transportation Methods

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Getting to your wedding uniquely and in a show stopping manner has become a priority for many couples.  Your ride is a fun way to show off your wedding’s unique style and further add to your head turning entrance.  There are a plethora of fun ways to make your ride one of kind and unforgettable; our 3 ideas are perfect for the most simple of weddings to the most extravagant weddings!



The limo is of course the most obvious of choices, limos are comfortable, classy, and can accommodate several people.  Limos are ideal when your bridal party is rolling in style with you and your future hubby.  Providing your bridal party with a ride is ideal; it keeps your crew with you at all times (in case you need anything) and is the best way to make them feel like the VIPs they are.  If your bridal party is fairly large, stretch limos or SUV limos are great way to keep your party in one place, comfortably.  They’re also a great way to get your champagne campaign on; helping you unwind before your most important moments begin!

Nadine and Brian's wedding


Trolleys are one of the most unique and fun way to roll into your wedding.  They can accommodate your entire bridal party and any other special guests you consider VIP. Trolleys are ideal if you have some time to spare; they pick up your party from one given location and slowly transport you to your wedding venue.  They are ideal if you’re staying at a hotel located near your wedding venue; they’re a great way to see sights and get cheered on as you slowly and publicly get to your wedding.


Vintage Automobiles:

Rolling in a vintage automobile is a classy and unique method to get to your wedding.  Its ideal for couples who are planning on arriving to their wedding venue by themselves, as vintage automobiles are generally smaller. Going with a vintage automobile is also a method that is ideal for couples who are having a more extravagant or very “old hollywood” type wedding.


Keep in Mind:

Remember that getting the perfect automobile to transport you to and from your wedding venue takes time. Reserve your automobile at least 6 months in advance; this gives you enough time to made any changes or additions and still be properly serviced.  Schedule an additional 1-2 hours for your and your bridal party to get in and out of the car. It might seem like much, but often times you’ll have a few people who are running late and this way it won’t set you back. It also helps out immensely if you run into some car troubles, disasters can happen and it’s important that you schedule time for any possible situation. If you get there early enough, you can go for rides around the city and maybe have a few extra glasses of champagne in the process! Remember its your wedding, you get to the be princess; so take your time, have that extra glass of champagne, and enjoy that beautiful vehicle you paid for to the fullest!


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Top 3 Wedding Transportation Methods
Article Name
Top 3 Wedding Transportation Methods
Get to your wedding in style with our top 3 stylish and sophisticated transportation methods. Have a fabulous wedding day using our top transportation tips.

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6 Responses

  1. Luke Smith says:

    I like the reasons for hiring a limo on a wedding day. It’s great for the couple, because of how classy, and comfortable it is. Plus it also it is good for keeping quest together, and I had never thought of that. Plus I think they would be impressed too.

  2. Nash Rich says:

    I think it would have been fun to do some fancy transportation, but we had a pretty budget wedding. We’re kind of an out of the ordinary couple anyway. I thought the vintage car thing was cool though. I like to pretend I’m living the classy life. There’s no better day to do that than on your wedding day.

  3. mclyn says:

    Really worth reading article…Different types of executive transportation services are available for wedding like limousine, luxury vintage cars but first you need to check the budget and make sure that it should be in the budget.

  4. Mclyn says:

    this is incredible post with some Stunning photos!

  5. Baxter Abel says:

    I’ve never considered using a trolley for transport during a wedding. I also really like that you included vintage automobiles as wedding transport. I’ve heard that the cost of a wedding transport varies largely based on the location of the wedding, I’ll have to look more into it though.

  6. Sienna Eva says:

    I have been checking out many of your posts, and it’s nice stuff. I will definitely bookmark your website.