The Real Cost of Wedding Movies

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Whenever wedding movies hit the big screen, there’s always the thought of how much it would really cost to recreate. We selected 10 of the most iconic wedding movie scenes to see how much it would cost if you wanted to replicate them for your big day.

The Hangover

Stu may not remember the special day, but we sure do. You can recreate the iconic shotgun wedding at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas, complete with wax figures as witnesses and souvenir photos. Now all you need is Stu’s grandmother’s ring!

Venue at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas – $1,500

Yellow Dress and Cowboy Hat with Veil – $24

Four Novelty Powder Blue Suits – $168

High Roller Mugs, Baseball Caps and Calendar – $75

Grandmother’s Ring – Free

TOTAL COST = $1,777

wedding movies - the hangover

Sex and the City Movie

Although Mr. Big and Carrie’s first attempt marrying at the New York Public Library was unsuccessful, their real elopement was much more meaningful. Their city hall “I do’s,” simple breakfast with close friends and necessary Manolo Blahnik blue satin pumps can easily be recreated for under $2,000.

Marriage License – $35

Ceremony in New York City Hall – $25

Manolo Blahnik Blue Satin Pumps – $965

Vintage Suit Dress – $181

Casual Brunch – $700

TOTAL COST = $1,906

wedding movies - sex and the city

Forrest Gump

Forrest and Jenny’s union was simple, yet meaningful. By tying the knot at home with close family and friends, they cut down on costs and focused on what was truly important—their love for one another.

Ceremony and Reception at Home – Free

Vintage Wedding Gown – $500

Groom and Ring Bearer Matching Suits – $600

Bouquet, Flower Crown, and Ceremony Flowers – $2,000

Rental Chairs & Wedding Arch – $129

TOTAL COST = $3,229

wedding movies -forrest gump

Runaway Bride

After running out of her wedding four times, Maggie and Ike finally wed during a private ceremony atop a hill. The simple nuptials can easily be accomplished with an officiant, close friends and of course, two horses for the bride and groom.

Lace Embroidered Wedding Dress with Off the Shoulder Capped Sleeve – $4,800

Suit – $500

Wedding Rings – $1,000

Bouquet – $200

Officiant – $500

2 Hour Horse Rental – $200

TOTAL COST = $5,500

wedding movies - runaway bride

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The Portokalos and Miller families may mesh like apples and oranges, but Toula and Ian’s big day truly showed that in the end they’re all fruit. Their Toronto wedding can be replicated with the right decor, plenty of flowers and nonstop music.

Venue at Ellas Banquet Hall in Toronto – $2,500

Flowers – $4,200

Windsor Briday Wedding Dress – $2,000

Wedding DJ – $2,000

Food and Drink – $15,000

Bottle of Windex – $15

TOTAL COST = $25,715

wedding movies - my big fat greek wedding

I Love You Man

Peter and Zooey’s wedding took on a destination wedding feel at a private estate in Malibu, California. To rent a similar venue, it costs upwards of $22K, but with simple decor and wedding attire, it’s possible to accomplish the same ceremony without breaking the bank.

Private Estate Rental In Malibu – $22,000

Wedding Dress – $350

Orchids and Yellow Calla Lilies – $2,000

Groom and Best Man Band – Free

Officiant – $500

Altar – $1,000

TOTAL COST = $25,850 wedding movies - i love you man

The Godfather

You may not be able to rent the Corleone residence, but you can replicate Connie and Carlo’s “I do’s” at a similar Staten Island estate for around $20,000. Just make sure to stock up on wine and hire an engaging live band to truly recreate the extravagant Italian wedding.

Staten Island Estate Rental – $18,195

20-piece Live Band – $25,000

Hand Sewn Wedding Dress with Trailing Veil – $15,000

Tuxedo – $500

Food and Wine – $10,000

Flowers – $3,200

6 Foot Tall Wedding Cake – $6,000

TOTAL COST = $30,795

wedding movies - the godfather


Helen couldn’t help but fit in one last surprise at Lillian and Dougie’s wedding—Lillian’s favorite band, Wilson Phillips. While renting out the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden is on the lower end of the budget, hiring celebrity talent raises the price tag on this unforgettable wedding.

Venue at Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden – $1,100

Catering and Rentals – $8,520

Ellie Saab Wedding Dress – $7,000

White Tuxedo – $700

Event Lighting and Neon Sign – $1,500

Entertainment by Wilson Phillips – $75,000

TOTAL COST = $93,820


The Father of the Bride

Annie and Bryan’s wedding might have taken place at home, but that didn’t take away from its extravagance. At $250 per head on the food alone, a wedding of this caliber can easily cost around $200K.

Venue – Free

Helen Rose Wedding Dress – $4,300

572 Guests at $250 a Head – $143,000

Rentals, Flowers and Decor – $40,000

Live Band – $8,000

Frank Eggelhoffer Wedding Planner – $4,000

TOTAL COST = $199,300

wedding movies - father of the bride

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Who can forget the incredible scene from Bella and Edward’s wedding? According to wedding designer Tammy Polatsek’s interview with the Bridal Guide, it would cost around $300K to recreate the decor of the Cullen wedding.

Carolina Herrara Wedding Dress – $6,990

Tuxedo – $600

Flowers and Decor – $300,000

Venue in Squamish, British Columbia – $4,500

Officiant – $500

TOTAL COST = $312,590

wedding movies - twilight

Tell us what your favorite wedding movies are. There’s a chance you can recreate them for your own big day!

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The Real Cost of Wedding Movies
Article Name
The Real Cost of Wedding Movies
After watching our fair share of romantic comedies, we've put together 10 of the most iconic wedding movies and the price it would be to recreate the day!

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