Create A Wedding Album Using The BrideBox Online Software

The BrideBox Online Software is extremely easy to use. Just go to the website and click “Get Started.” From there, click the Create Online option.

Get started

Create online

The first thing you will need to do is register yourself or sign in if you are a returning member.

Register online


Then, you will have to choose a type of book. Choose between the leather or photo cover, and the Marina, Anza or Lake albums. Choose the size of your book and number of pages you would like.

Select Album Type


Next you need to choose from the 5 design themes for your book. Once you have decided, click on Get Started to start designing your beautiful wedding album!

Select Design Theme

The first thing you will need to do once in the software is to select the images you want to use and insert them into your image tray located at the bottom of the screen. Once you have uploaded your images, you can simply drag and drop them into the templates provided for you.

Image Tray

You can use the image toolbar to help you zoom, rotate, filter, fade or delete pictures.

Tray Tool



The zoom buttons allow you to zoom the picture in and out, allowing you to decide how much of the picture is shown.




Rotate allows you to rotate a picture to the left or right.




Filter allows you to make a picture black/white, sepia or colored. If your photographer gave you a colored picture but you think it will look better as black and white in your wedding album, this tool allows you to change your photograph to the colored filter you would like.




If you want one photo to be more faded than given to you, use the fade tool to change the faded tone of your images.




Pressing the Delete tool removes the selected photo from the template.

Remove picture


When a photograph is in a template, click on it and wait for the cursor to show up. This will allow you to move the picture up and down whichever way you choose inside the template.


On the left hand side, there is a main panel. If you click this, it will take you back to all of your previous projects. This allows you to work on multiple different projects at one time and have them stored safely and in an organized fashion.

Main Panel

Next to that, there is a place to name your album. This allows you to choose a customized name for your album to help you stay organized.



On the top, there will be an image toolbar. This allows you to see every page you have done so far and how they look in relation to one another.

Image Toolbar


On the right hand side, there are a few more important buttons for use.

Page Toolbar

The Pages button allows you to add or delete a spread that is in your album. It also gives you the option to reorder album spreads, meaning you can move the album pages around in any order you would like.


New Spread



Preview allows you to see the album as it would be if printed.

Order View

You can share your photos with friends and family! If you click the Share button, it allows you to share your album via facebook or email with your friends and family at any time!


When you are done with your book and ready to order, click the Order Album button and fill out the required information in order to get your book shipped and into your home!


Create A Wedding Album Using The BrideBox Online Software
Article Name
Create A Wedding Album Using The BrideBox Online Software
Learn how to use our easy BrideBox online software to create a beautiful wedding album!

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