Is Live Wedding Music Right For Your Wedding Guests?

Maybe you have a family member with a band, or maybe you’re just a fan of live music. While it may seem more immersive or even simply charming to have a live band at your wedding, there are some problems that can arise. Consider these ramifications carefully before deciding to go with a live band over a DJ. A band will nearly always cost more than hiring a DJ. Bands have to take into account the costs of setting up, travel, management fees and splitting up the cost between four to five band members. DJs have minimal costs by comparison, so DJs will charge you a lot less for their services. While you may save some money if you have a family member perform, there is still the cost of equipment to consider, so get an estimate and factor it into the wedding budget before making any commitments.

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A band lacks the repertoire of a DJ. A band may specialize in a type of music you love, but you also need to consider the needs of your guests. You may think R&B is perfect for a wedding, but other guests may find your choices offensive. While it’s true a wedding is your special day, you’ll have less headaches if you take into consideration the tastes of others. Finding a band who can play several different styles may be difficult, and no matter how versatile the band is, it will never have the same broad access to music that a DJ will.

While live wedding music can engage your guests and bolster the mood with rousing solos, live music is also usually loud. Your guests may still want to be able to hold conversations, and you’ll no doubt have guests who want to congratulate you. You don’t want to have people straining to hear one another, so going with a DJ can help keep the noise levels to a minimum.

Band members will also need to take breaks. The strain of performing live usually requires a five to 15 minute break for every hour of performance. If your band charges by the hour, this can also add up over time. During the breaks in sets, your guests may be left wanting something to do, and the lull can also bring the mood down. DJs are still human and require breaks, but because they can load several songs into a set, stepping away from their station isn’t going to place the party on pause.

Some may see DJs as a relic of the past with spinning disco balls and colorful lights distracting the guests from the music selection. Today’s DJs are generally well-versed in music and can seamlessly blend songs of different genres so that the party never stops. DJs are also expected to be excellent emcees, which means they should have the personality and showmanship of any quality band member. Before selecting a DJ, have the DJ give you a small performance as a sample of his or her work. You could also ask for a recording so that you can see how the DJ works with a crowd of people.

Be up front with your DJ about what songs you would like to hear and what genres to steer clear of. If your DJ is unwilling to commit to your tastes, find one that will. Live music may have some appeal, but a skilled DJ can put on a show your guests are sure to love without any of the drawbacks of a band. As long as you’re clear about what you want, you’re certain to find a DJ that’s perfect for your wedding.

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Is Live Wedding Music Right For Your Wedding Guests?
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Is Live Wedding Music Right For Your Wedding Guests?
Is live wedding music right for you? Do you get a band or a DJ to entertain your wedding guests? Here are the Pros and Cons of hiring live wedding music.

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