10 TV Show Themed Weddings

TV shows are a huge part of our lives. We become strangely attached to characters, emotionally invested in plot lines and totally engrossed in story lines. Some people are truly dedicated to their favorite TV shows, so much so that they decide to make the most important day of their lives revolve around a specific show or episode. Whether the genre is fantasy or cartoon, these couples have proven that there really is no limit when it comes to creativity on your wedding day. We loved these 15 weddings in which brides and grooms around the world decided to profess their love for one another while also sharing their love for their favorite television programs.

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the latest and greatest in the fantasy adventure world, drawing viewers in with its non-stop action and rotating cast of characters. Thanks to its medieval setting, there’s plenty of fantastic costumes to wear, gorgeous braided hairstyles and excellent props to decorate your big day. You can also have a feast of epic proportions at your wedding reception! If you’re feeling really adventures, you can even have a couple of huskies serve as the direwolves in your wedding party.

Game of Thrones wedding cake

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Game of Thrones wedding hairstyle

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Game of Thrones themed wedding

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2. Friends

There is nothing more we would like to do than sit down on that Central Perk couch and chat with Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. There’s so many fun ways you can incorporate these generation-defining TV show into your wedding, bridal shower or bachelorette party. Central Perk coffee and pastries, creative Save the Dates and invitations and even a gorgeous wedding cake can all be Friends-centric during your celebration.

Friends TV show wedding cake

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Friends TV show themed wedding

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Friends themed wedding

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3. Muppets

Kermit and Miss Piggy together create one of the most iconic couples in television history. Their love connection and the rest of their Muppet friends can actually make a really cute wedding theme! From delicious desserts to fantastic photo booth props, the Muppets can be incorporated any way you’d like for your wedding day.

Muppets themed wedding decor

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Muppets themed wedding cake

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Muppets themed wedding

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4. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was a television phenomenon that swept the world by storm. The story of a cancer-ridden high school teacher and his journey to becoming a drug lord made for plenty of creative wedding decor, outfits and even crystal blue rock candy for desserts and favors!

Breaking Bad themed wedding

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Breaking Bad wedding favors

Photo Credit: Ashley Eubanks Photography Breaking Bad wedding

Photo Credit: Ashley Eubanks Photography


5. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek was a television show that an entire generation was obsessed with and even created its own subculture. Self-proclaimed Trekkies will surely want to incorporate these TNG-themed items into their weddings, from the wedding cake to cufflinks to the wedding party’s outfits.

Star Trek themed wedding

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Star Trek wedding cufflinks

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Star Trek wedding

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6. X-Men

Lately, the X-Men franchise has been drumming up a lot of publicity thanks to its movie franchise, but the X-Men animated TV show is a childhood favorite of ours. If it was one of your favorite programs growing up, what better way to pay homage to it than by having an X-Men themed wedding? Because there are so many great superheroes to choose from you can channel your inner hero on your big day with masks, comic books, cufflinks and more.

X-Men themed wedding

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X Men wedding cake

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Wolverine X Men cufflinks

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7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a group of four turtles who roamed the sewers of New York City fighting bad guys and aliens with their ninja abilities. Naturally, such a concept would create quite the wedding theme! If TMNT was your favorite TV show, having a TMNT-themed wedding makes perfect sense. From wedding decor to cupcakes, there’s plenty of ways to incorporate this fun theme into your big day.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wedding

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TV show themed wedding

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TMNT wedding ideas

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8. The Walking Dead

If zombies are your thing and The Walking Dead is your favorite show, there’s plenty of ways to turn your wedding photos into a creepy, post-apocalyptic world. Pose as “walkers,” create inventive wedding cake toppers and have the coolest wedding invitations around.

zombie themed wedding

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 zombie engagement shoot

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zombie wedding

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9. Doctor Who

The nerdy wedding idea comes full force with a Doctor Who themed wedding. The TARDIS makes the perfect wedding decor, whether you are able to find a full replica of one, or if you create wedding favors, table settings or invitations with a mini TARDIS. Men have plenty of quirky and adorable outfits from each of the doctors to choose from, and the royal blue and gold color scheme is absolutely beautiful.

Doctor Who wedding outfits

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nerdy wedding ideas

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Doctor Who wedding

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10. True Blood

Vampires and werewolves are part of a supernatural world that fans have started to incorporate into their weddings. If you’re a True Blood fan, you can add plenty of fake blood to every aspect of your wedding. There’s also the moody blood red and black color theme that really sets the scene for a vampire-themed wedding.

True Blood themed wedding

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vampire themed wedding

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vampire wedding invitations

Photo Credit: Katie Fischer Designs

On a day as special as your wedding day, you get to throw an extravagant party for your friends and family. If you and your partner have a special relationship or bond because of a particular TV show, then incorporating that program into the day’s theme just seems logical. It’s a fun way to add personality and fun to a traditional wedding. You can add small touches of the show here and there, or go all out and do a fully themed wedding. It’s your wedding, so make it truly yours!

10 TV Show Themed Weddings
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10 TV Show Themed Weddings
These 10 TV shows make the perfect wedding themes. From cakes to decorations to wedding day attire, these brides and grooms went all out!

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