6 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

It’s a common idea that many brides think that you have to have long locks on your wedding day. However, as much as women with shorter hair may want their hair to grow 6 inches in two months, this isn’t not possible. Brides can still look gorgeous if they have hair is on the shorter side. There are many lovely bridal hairstyles that look amazing with short hair! Your wedding day is definitely the time to glam up your style, but this does not mean you have to grow out your hair or get extensions just for the wedding. You want to feel you! If your hairstyle is part of your individuality, (isn’t everyone’s?) here are some stunning bridal hairstyles for short hair that will inspire your wedding day look.

Retro-inspired look

Bring back the glam of the ’20s with a short hairstyle that is reminiscent of the luxury and romance of The Great Gatsby. If your wedding has some vintage feel to it, these wedding hairstyles for short hair would be the perfect look for you. You can find some wonderful inspiration in classic icons like Marilyn Monroe and Victoria Lake. The voluminous, bold curls are a wonderfully romantic ‘do that will bring just the right amount of retro style to your entire outfit.


Photo Credit: Darya Kamaloma

wedding hairstyles for short hair

Photo Credit: Christina Solomons

Plain & simple

Don’t be afraid to let your locks down naturally! A simple, straightened sleek look or bouncy curls work wonders on brides and can draw more attention to your amazing wedding gown, bold makeup, and gorgeous jewelry. By doing simple styling tweaks like changing your natural hairline part or styling your hair the opposite of its natural texture, you can add a creative twist to your hair that will look stunning.


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Flower crowns

If you’re opting for a simpler hairdo, but still want to add some festive florals to your look, flower crowns are the perfect accessory for your wedding hairstyle. They can easily accompany straight hair, soft curls, or beachy waves to add some glamour. These are also special because you can tie in your wedding theme and incorporate the floral accent colors from your wedding to truly make the look pop. Your crown can also be more subtle and less colorful by choosing a green crown or one with more baby’s breath.

wedding hairstyles for short hair

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wedding hairstyles for short hair

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Excellent accessories

If you’re rocking a short ‘do for when you say “I do”, above everything else, accessories are your friends. Whether it’s a small floral pin, a studded hairclip, or antique lace headband, these accents can highlight a fun, playful quality in your hair. If your wedding has a strong theme, this is a great opportunity to incorporate a fancy floral or small seashell into your hairdo.


Photo Credit: Claire Eliza

wedding hairstyles for short hair

Photo Credit: Belle And Beau Fine Art Photography

Soft waves

Soft, beachy waves look great on almost all short-lengthed hair. They are easy to maintain and, unlike an updo, won’t have you worried all night about it getting messed up or falling out when you spend all night on the dancefloor. Soft waves also look great with flower crowns or braid accents to add a cute flair.

wedding hairstyles for short hair

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wedding hairstyles for short hair

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Braids are great because you can incorporate them into numerous wedding hairstyles for short hair. Even if they are just a few inches in length, braids are adorable accents that bring liveliness to a hairdo. They can add a sweet, romantic side to a simple hairdo and you can never have too many!

wedding hairstyles for short hair

wedding hairstyles for short hair

Photo Credit: Alexandra Grace

When it comes to choosing a bridal hairstyle, think outside the box! Not everything needs to be long locks in tight curls with a veil. Your hairstyle is just another chance to add your own personality to your wedding and pick a look that feels right for you! The most important point when having your hair styled is to feel comfortable and feel you, so make sure you go with the hairstyle that you truly love.


6 Stunning Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair
Article Name
6 Stunning Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair
Not all bridal hairstyles have to be long locks! Say "I do" to these beautiful wedding hairstyles for short hair that will look amazing for your big day!

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